The Anticipatory Leader System

How You Can Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage

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How did the entrepreneurs’ who started Uber revolutionize the taxi business and disrupt an entire industry that is now taking on FedEx for deliveries??

The answer is Anticipation: the ability to foresee growing problems, disruptions, customer needs and game-changing opportunities. In today’s business environment, the only constant variable is “change.” Leaders who learn how to use what we call HARD TRENDS to predict problems and disruptive change before they happen—have the confidence to act on the amazing opportunities digital transformation provides—and, have the biggest advantage in tomorrow’s market.

The Anticipatory Leader System is an award-winning training process for individual leaders to develop the skills to accurately foresee and take critical actions before disruption strikes.

What is the Anticipatory Leader System?

The Anticipatory Leader System is a revolutionary process that uses short videos, rapid application activities, and collaborative discussion to teach you how to go beyond Agility (reacting quickly after a problem or disruption occurs) by learning to Anticipate using Hard Trends to elevate your business and personal strategies and migrate your teams to the mindset of Anticipation that transforms results. Developing the competency of Anticipation is a powerful competency for both individuals and organizations who have adopted other process improvement methods like Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and others. The program focuses on four key areas of development:

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"Daniel Burrus’ Anticipatory Leader course is one of the best courses I’ve ever taken. This course takes you into the concept of future thinking and reminds you of the theory behind the anticipatory organization. More importantly it provides you with a framework in which to identify the Hard Trends and Soft Trends that will impact your industry and provide you with insights on how to become a disruptor and not one of the disrupted. If you’re looking to take a course that will provide you foresight and future thinking techniques this course will provide you with all of that and more. I highly recommend taking this course and listening or reading his book The Anticipatory Organization."

-Gerald J. Leonard, Principles of Execution, LLC

By making this anticipatory skillset a core strength of our leadership teams, it brings creative and new ideas that make us more valuable to our clients and it creates a game changer for our firm.”

Joey Havens, Executive Partner, HORNE LLP

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Anticipatory Course Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to offer this to my company. Do you offer group licenses?
Yes, we do offer group subscriptions to The Anticipatory Organization Business Edition which is similar to The Anticipatory Leader in it's structure. We have a tiered pricing plan that is available for organizations or departments of all sizes. Contact AOLearning@burrus.com or call 1-262-367-0949 for more information.
How is the course structured?
There are four learning modules. Each lesson starts with a short, single-concept video followed by a rapid application activity designed to deliver results. The sooner a lesson is applied to everyday activities, the more it becomes a part of the learner’s everyday mindset. After each 3-5 minute single-concept video, the learners apply what they have learned to the work they do, regardless of their position title.
How quickly will I see results?
Benefits will be seen immediately, because you can apply each lesson to the work you do. You don’t have to wait to finish the course to get the results you're looking for. We recommend that you start from the begining and move through each lesson in order or you can start with any lesson in the training.
What kind of results will I see?
A direct result of learning to be anticipatory is that it fosters two key areas of innovation: Everyday Innovation–where individuals learn to predict and pre-solve problems with inventive solutions, and Exponential Innovation–where individuals and teams learn to turn predictable disruption into game-changing advantages.
How can I develop an Anticipatory Mindset?
We are teaching a new competency, the ability to Anticipate, which elevates decisions and accelerates results. We have post-learning tools that can be used to apply and magnify the impact of the principles long after you have completed the lessons.
How is this training different than other online courses?
We examined other best in class training systems from both large and small companies so that we could get a baseline to develop our next-generation Anticipatory Organization Learning System. Unlike the vast majority of online learning systems that teach only in the lower levels of Bloom's Taxonomy of the Cognitive Domain (remembering and understanding), our lessons have the learner use all of the higher levels which include applying, analyzing, evaluating, and creating.

"What makes AO unique is that it goes beyond spotting future trends or foreseeing industry fads and trains our professionals to know what our clients will need down the road so they are prepared to offer those services to them now. In many cases, this may mean identifying needs that clients have yet to realize exist ... or will exist in the near future."

- Chris Allegretti, CEO, HBK

The Anticipatory Leader System

It's is a revolutionary process that teaches you a new competency to elevate your strategies and transform your results. As a leader, you will learn how to empower your team to make bold moves with the confidence and clarity certainty provides. Developing the competency of Anticipation has become a strategic imperative in a world driven by digital disruption and transformational change. Agile, Lean, Six Sigma and other competencies are all very good, but they are not enough to help countless leaders and their organizations from being disrupted. By becoming Anticipatory, you can increase your relevancy, impact, and results.

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