After watching the video below, The Power of Futureview, you will learn how your view of the future will shape how you act today, and how you act today will shape your future. Your Futureview will determine the future you! Becoming aware of your own Futureview, and by elevating it based on the Hard Trends that are shaping the future, puts a tremendously powerful strategic tool in your hands. Your Futureview influences which actions you’ll take, and which actions you’ll avoid.

In this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Explain the components and characteristics of a Futureview mindset
  • Describe the importance of aligning your Futureview with current internal plans
  • Create a compelling Futureview based on the Hard Trends shaping the future

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To successfully complete this activity, we suggest that you review and download the following:

  1. The Power of Futureview Job Aid
  2. Hard Trends and Opportunities Learning Resource
  3. 25 Technology Hard Trends Learning Resource


We also suggest that you watch the following video lessons:

  • Identifying Hard Trends (Module 1, Lesson 2)
  • Identifying Soft Trends (Module 1, Lesson 3)
  • Disruptor or Disrupted: You Have a Choice (Module 3, Lesson 4)

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